We have created the following outline to showcase how Lero enables an incredible advantage for our brand partners and how we set the bar when it comes to selling on Amazon and other eCommerce marketplaces.

  • Experience taking brands from ‘nowhere to be found’ to over $10MM+ in Amazon revenue and ranking for dozens of high-traffic keywords. Read the Oline case study here.
  • Established organic ranking strategy that has proven itself with thousands of product launches.
  • Established influencer marketing strategy that creates buzz and demand for our brand partner’s products.
  • Expert creative graphic designers, photographers and videographers on our team that create breathtaking content. Every listing we design gets a 10/10 on Helium 10’s listing score.
  • Profitable PPC strategy. Insanely low ACOS. Insanely high ROAS. Extreme attention to metrics.
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) account. Our brand partners are given access to sell via our SFP account which means the brand can showcase the Prime badge to all Amazon customers while their items are fulfilled via our fulfillment centers and don’t need to be utilizing FBA.
  • Lero runs 2 fulfillment centers (CA and PA) in the US allowing our brand partners to deliver to any customer in the US within 48 hours or less. Partnered with many other 3PLs as well.
  • Unbeatable small parcel shipping rates.
  • Unbeatable container shipping rates.
  • A tool that allows our brand partners to deliver to the nearest Amazon FC when creating an FBA shipment. Amazon splitting your FBA shipments and forcing you to ship cross-country are a thing of the past.

Overall, Lero can deliver tremendous value, growth and create an almost unfair advantage for your brand online.